Revolutionising Food & Grocery Consumer Insights: foodmrx Launches New Platform

May 9, 2023

Food& Drink Expo, Birmingham: foodmrx today announced the launch of their ground-breaking new consumer insights platform. The suite of tools enables brand and media tracking, consumer profiling and trend-spotting. 


Foodmrx provides a window into the life of UK consumers, by speaking to 1,000 different shoppers every month, via both online surveys and video interviews.


Covering the Food, Grocery, Beverage and Restaurant industries - the platform offers researchers, marketers, and those in product development, senior leadership and buying or commercial teams - a new way to become an expert on their customers quickly. 


The company has also launched its series of trend reports to help brands put insights into action. The organisation provides access to its data and reports via various subscription packages.


“We’re all being asked to do more, with less at the moment. Yet consumer needs are evolving by the day” says Jonathan Watson, Founder & CEO at foodmrx.“Everywhere you look, there are important opportunities but also urgent risks.Thankfully, our platform takes the hard work and cost out of understanding change”.


He adds, “We’re very proud of the first iteration of our platform, but we’ll be working hard to continue developing it over the next few months. We have several new features planned, including ones that utilise AI”. 


“We expect to build the team out further later this year, so we would be eager to hear from anyone who shares our passion for the sector”.


The platform is available today, 24th April 2023. 


To celebrate the launch, foodmrx has released a trend report called “Shop, Snack,Sip - How Consumers are Treating Themselves in 2023”, which is available at 

Anyone who downloads the report during the launch week, can also opt-in for free access to the platform.

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